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Drupal core has adopted a continuous upgrade path that allows module maintainers to gradually update their code without unpredictable backwards compatibility breaks. Because of this practice, we can allow modules to be compatible with both Drupal 8 and Drupal 9 at the same time, and also release major versions on a schedule rather than waiting for APIs and features to be completed.
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Drupal includes comprehensive content management features, including the ability to create new content types and import content from other sources. Drupal modules make it possible to add nearly unlimited functionality, ranging from photo galleries to e-commerce workflows, and extensive free documentation enables both new users and expert developers to quickly start using and developing with Drupal.
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Drupal Wiki is a powerful Enterprise-Wiki. It is easy to use, contains detailed access management and extensive structuring features like categories, tags and spaces. With hundreds extensions as Approval Workflows, Office Integration and document management features, Drupal Wiki can be adapted to special use-cases.
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Addresses OWASP Top 10 Risks. Drupal includes features that address all of the Open Web Application Security Projects top ten security risks, a list of the most commonly seen risks in practice. Powered by Drupal. Powered by Drupal. Drupal Trademark Policy.
La configuration en Drupal 8: plusieurs besoins et solutions Florent Torregrosa.
Features a pour but de permettre de grouper la configuration en brique fonctionnelle et permettre la réutilisation de fonctionnalités d'un' site à l'autre' cela est toujours le cas en Drupal 8. Drupal 6 et Drupal 7 ne possédant pas de système de déploiement de la configuration, Features est également utilisé pour cet usage, usage non prévu à la base.
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16 Drupal 8 Features You Should Know.
Internet of Things IoT. Offshore Development Center. 16 Drupal 8 Features You Should Know. Tags: CMS, Drupal, Drupal 8, Drupal 8.1, Drupal Planet, Features, open source, PHP, Technology, Web application framework. Development started on Drupal 8 features back in March of 2011.
Drupal 7 Features vs. Drupal 8 Configuration Management Chromatic.
Not to mention trying to put all of the features in logically named and organized modules, which could grow and grow as the site got bigger and added more functionality and dont even get me started on dependencies Configuration Management in Drupal 8 aims to solve all of these problems.
Drupal 8.6 Released 5 New Desired Features Vardot.
Drupal 8.6 Released 5 New Desired Features. September 6, 2018. Drupal 8.6 was released yesterday and is being touted as the most significant update to Drupal 8 so far. Browsing initiatives being undertaken by the Drupal community always gave an indicator towards the direction and future of Drupal.
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Vous pouvez d'ailleurs' les fixer initialement avec lui lors d'une' discussion en direct, c'est' l'occasion' de le former aux permissions Drupal. Très peu de temps après la sortie de Features, le module Strongarm est venu ajouter le support des variables et est aujourd'hui' utilisé par la plupart des distributions Drupal.

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