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Install Drush docs.
Drush 9 cannot run commandfiles from Drush 8 and below e.g. See our guide on porting commandfiles. Also note that alias and config files use a new yml format in Drush 9. Drush Version Drush Branch PHP Supported Drupal versions Code Style Isolation Tests Functional Tests.
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Drupal 9 will be released in 2020, shares Dries Buytaert, Drupals founder Packt Hub.
Going by the plan, the site owners will have at least one year to upgrade from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9. Drupal 9 will not have a separate code base, rather the team is adding new functionalities in Drupal 8 as backward-compatible code and experimental features.
8 reasons to upgrade to Drupal 8.
Additionally, modules are now compatible between immediate major versions, so you dont ever have to say, I cannot upgrade to Drupal 9 because my favorite module is only in Drupal 8. Flexible content delivery is another key tenet of D8.
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This means it should not really matter to Drupal 7 site owners whether they update to Drupal 8 or Drupal 9, since as soon as they're' on Drupal 8 or higher, future updates won't' require a site rebuild and migration.
Upgrading to Drupal 8.
So upgrading to Drupal 9 from the last stable release of Drupal 8 shouldnt be that big of a deal. And if thats true, then theres absolutely no reason to wait for Drupal 9 and instead get upgraded to Drupal 8 as soon as possible to start enjoying the benefits.
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Drupal 9 in 2020. What That Means for Drupal 7 and 8.
The great thing about Drupal 8 is that by the time Drupal 9 is released all of the modules and custom code in your site should be up-to-date. Therefor, updating from 8 to 9 is no different than from 8.5 to 8.6.
Drupal development roadmap
Managing of optional units. UX improvements: improve IA of community docs, download page, /documentation. Getting Started and Evaluation Guide one-pagers. Topic-based help system. One-pagers for configuration management and composer. Drupal 9 readiness. Assess scope and build out plans for as many areas as possible.
Plan for Drupal 9
But most importantly, for Drupal site owners, this means that it should be much easier to upgrade to Drupal 9 than it was to upgrade to Drupal 8. Drupal 9 will simply be the last version of Drupal 8, with its deprecations removed.
Faut-il attendre Drupal 9 pour mon projet web? Flocon de toile.
On pourrait presque dire que Drupal 9 sera la continuité de Drupal 8 avec une API consolidée, affinée, et épurée mais aussi avec toute la richesse fonctionnelle, à portée de clic, introduite avec tous les ajouts qui sont réalisés au fur et à mesure des versions mineures Drupal 8.x.

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